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Healthcare industry change continues to accelerate.  Technology advances, reimbursement changes, increasing costs, quality-of-service based insurer programs, the expanding use of data and analytics in all aspects of care and business management, and increasing competition challenge practices and providers to keep up.

Challenges represent opportunities to improve, and Celeriti  medical practice management solutions are designed to helping you to improve efficiency, service levels, and growth.  We have experience in many disciplines critical to practice and healthcare provider business success, and we sit at the center of a network of experts that we can bring to bare to work with you to solve your most complex business problems.

Here’s where we can help.

Business Start-Up

Business planning, guidance on agreements and required filings, establishing a Professional Limited Liability Company or incorporating.


Brand and logo, web site development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and patient retention marketing.

Revenue Cycle Management

Through strategic partners, code auditing and optimization, clearinghouse and technology recommendations, financial planning and analysis.

Process Development

Management, human resources, administrative, marketing and sales, patient experience. 

Administrative Support

Outsourced administration – office admin, claims follow up, patient communications.

Data and Analytics

Analysis of marketing, client and business data to improve operations, retention and financial performance.

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