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Celeriti Practice Management Solutions provides medical credentialing services to providers and practices, as well as to medical billing companies that focus on revenue cycle management and outsource payor enrollment and contracting.  We also offer medical practice management services, from strategy and marketing to administrative support and client communications.

Why outsource medical credentialing?

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal® had to say.

Average Annual Practice Cost of Payer-Related Administration
0 Hours
Average Practitioner Time Per Week Spent on Payer Paperwork
0 Hours
Average Office Staff Time Per Week Spent on Payer Administration

The National College of Physicians and the Wall Street Journal call out these stats as part of a shared article on why medical providers are often frustrated with work.  One of the biggest reasons is time and money spent on the “labyrinthine payer bureaucracy.”  And this is only administrative cost.  As a care provider, you didn’t sign up to enter the payer labyrinth.  We did.  

Let us navigate it for you so you can spend your time where it matters – with your patients.

How does Celeriti Help?

Our approach is a little different than other medical credentialing and practice management companies.  We’re business and process experts, yes.  But as a team, we value and are driven by the trust that our clients have placed in us.  Our first goal is always to be deserving of that trust.  Here’s what we’ll bring to the table when we’re working on your behalf.

Business Expertise

We understand what makes a practice successful from the business perspective, and know how to get it there.


We’ve developed detailed maps for each aspect of practice business administration and each payer’s credentialing processes.


We establish strong relationships not only with our clients, but also with payer staff and regulators.  This insures trust all around.

Network Scale

We work with dozens of practices and multiple providers across several states.  We will apply best practices from our network to your practice to benefit you.


We apply data analytics to all aspects of our business and to the work we do on behalf of your practice.  


We deliver.  We’ll help maximize your practice profitability and minimize the time investment for you and your staff.  

What our clients say about us.

I hired Erin Sena, owner of Celeriti, to help with various aspects of running my psychotherapy group practice, including claims support, administration, and new client intake.  I feel at ease putting new clients into her hands because of her compassion and sense of boundaries.  Erin has helped my business to operate more efficiently, and I would highly recommend Celeriti. 

Danielle Carron, M.S., M.A., SEP, LPCIntegrative Psychotherapy and Nutrition Counseling

Any billing company that does not want to take on the daunting task of medical credentialing would benefit by giving the work to Celeriti.  I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the healthcare professionals that I’ve referred.  Celeriti is knowledgeable and professional, and regularly communicates with both the providers and me about the status of the credentialing process.

Terri Marohn, PresidentTerMar Billing, Inc.

I hired Celeriti to help me credential with several insurance companies as I was transitioning to private practice.  Celeriti literally saved me hundreds of hours by doing the credentialing work on my behalf.  The process was efficient and effective, and done for a fair price.  They responded to all of my questions and concerns quickly and with excellent information.  My business is running smoothly, and I have no worries that things will continue to operate with anything but success.  I have already recommended Celeriti to other colleagues and regard Celeriti’s services and skills highly!

Kristen R. Qualls, MA, LPC, LMFT, NCC
Kristen Qualls, PC

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